"Smart Logistics & Trade" - is a logistics company that provides multimodal transport both in Russia and around the world.

We also provide services for customs clearance of cargo, FEA consulting and cargo insurance.By choosing a logistics provider, you also choose the people, system and culture of values of the organization. You need to be sure that all of these elements are properly balanced and meet your expectations.



Nowadays, multimodal transport (when several types of transport are used) is the most popular way of goods delivery over medium and long distances. We benefit from various types of transport due to their effective combination. A personal manager works with each client and constantly monitors the entire process of cargo transport. You can get detailed information about all our services, including lead time and cost of the cargo transport needed, as well as the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation with our company, from our managers. Phone numbers are available on the website in the Contacts section.



Our company offers cargo delivery by sea transport. This type of delivery is of great importance when transporting goods between continents. Container shipping is convenient and economical compared to other types of transport. We have a wide range of experience in container transport from different countries of the world, especially from such countries as China, India, USA, European countries through various transit ports. Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn, Rotterdam, Kotka, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and Vostochny ports play a special role. We offer our clients a prompt and informative service at a real price.



Due to extensive highways, road transport is the most popular delivery method. Smart Logistics and Trade provides services for transport of various types of goods by road. Transport is carried out in 20- and 40-foot containers, as well as in eighteen-wheelers 82 m3 and 120 m3 across the territory of the European Union and the CIS countries.



Cargo insurance conditions imply that your goods are insured at all transport stages: from the moment when cargo is accepted for transport until it is delivered to the authorized consignee. During transport, cargo is insured on the basis of the cost indicated by the supplier in the invoice. The insurance rate is determined as a percentage of the cargo cost and may vary depending on the type of transport, type of cargo and a number of other factors.

Benefits of cargo insurance with our company:

  • We offer our clients favorable insurance rates that allow to reduce insurance expenses to a minimum. Low insurance rates are due to the large number of orders. At the same time, the quality of insurance remains consistently high.
  • We coordinate execution of all necessary documents and negotiate with the insurance company on prompt payment of consideration.
  • In order to prevent our own financial losses, we insure our own risks arising from serving our clients. The initially agreed insurance rates may be revised downward for cargo owners who regularly insure significant volumes of cargo.

Customs Clearance


We carry out customs clearance of cargo in the customs offices of the North-Western, Central, Southern and Far Eastern Federal Districts.

We offer the following services on customs clearance of cargo:

  • Electronic declaration of goods in accordance with the selected customs procedure;
  • Assistance in customs clearance and customs control of goods at customs checkpoints;
  • Classification of goods in accordance with the Unified Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature;
  • Calculation of customs payments;
  • Assistance in obtaining permits for the goods;
  • Consulting on customs legislation;
  • Representation of your interests in customs authorities;



As additional services, we provide our clients with cargo placement and unstuffing:

  • At warehouse complexes and terminals;
  • In temporary storage warehouses (TSW);
  • In open and secure areas for storing cargo in cargo compartments of vehicles under customs control (storage “on wheels”)

or you we will carry out the assembly, consolidation and sorting of goods, as well as their processing and marking.



Our company provides consulting service directly related to foreign trade transactions, based on professionalism and experience gained in area of foreign economic activity.

  • Comprehensive analysis of a foreign economic transaction in order to select a commercial scheme of the transaction, a customs procedure that meets the goals and conditions of goods transported across the customs border of the Customs Union and its subsequent use, as well as optimizing costs for customs clearance of the transported goods;
  • Assistance in documents execution for a foreign economic transaction;
  • Checking the content and form of a foreign trade agreement (contract), commercial, shipping and transport documents for their compliance with customs legislation of the CU;
  • Information support on Russian legislation regarding foreign economic activity;



Southeastern Asia, first of all China, is a world factory of goods, where literally everything is produced for different needs and tastes of customers. Currently, Chinese manufacturers are attractive due to various favorable terms of cooperation, especially pricing policy. In order to understand the huge range of products offered and find a reliable partner, you need to collect a lot of information about the product, manufacturers, working conditions, calculate the optimal logistics route, study customs legislation and other unfamiliar documents. If you start to work with us, you will not need to waste your time on these time-consuming procedures. We take a comprehensive approach to a task, analyze it from various points of view and promptly develop a solution.

We are ready to help you:

  • Generate an inquiry (product description, price range, planned volumes);
  • Gather information about the manufacturer, find alternative suppliers (registration information on production, manufacturing equipment of the enterprise, the company’s position on the market, history of cooperation with foreign companies);
  • Carry out pre-contract work (preliminary negotiations with the manufacturer, negotiation of prices, terms of delivery, terms of production and shipment, obtaining product samples, visiting the manufacturing plant, negotiating);
  • Sign a contract for the supply of desired products (between the customer and the manufacturer/supplier, if he is entitled to carry out export activities);
  • Monitor over the fulfillment of the contract terms (inspection of the manufacture process, meeting the terms of manufacture and shipment of products);

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